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  • Version: 9.1.6

Edit videos like a pro

Video Star is a quirky video editor that comes with a handful of creative filters and effects. The app is super fun to use and lets you do all sorts of edits without too much complication With just a few clicks, you can create your own videos and other funny clips! 

Make your own videos

What makes Video Star popular among its users is that it is made especially for creating and editing self-portrait videos. You may find it similar with other video editing apps such as and TikTok but makes Video Star stand out is its wide number of effects that you can apply to your videos. You will be going beyond simple cutting, trimming, and stitching of short clips as the app offers you other options to improve your videos. For instance, video transitions involve more than swiping the clips or photos to the left or right. If you want an extra touch of coolness, you can make your videos appear to melt on your screen or burst into fragments to make way for the next clip! Aside from transitions, filters can also be applied so if you want your videos to look a little vintage, you are free to do so. Of course, there are tons of other filters available so you have the chance to test everything out and see which suits your videos the most. With that said, to add some final and finishing touches, Video Star’s video effects are granted to transform your videos into truly unique and enjoyable ones. We are not talking about just adding face filters and stickers, but as well as cool animations. 

The video editor for all

Despite its many features, editing using Video Star is really easy. In fact, the app is really popular not only among teens but as well as little kids! Adding all of those awesome transitions and effects are really easy and can be done with just a few, simple clicks. The app will let you play and experiment on your videos as much as you want and therefore also allows you to make any kind of video. From self-shot videos to fan-made music videos of your favorite artists, all of those can be made using Video Star. 

Be a star with Video Star

You can upload your Video Star-made videos to all of your social media accounts! To make things better, direct uploading and sharing on YouTube is also allowed in this app. It is a very good video editing tool that does not take away the fun by making editing a very complicated activity. You get to enjoy making videos at your own pace and taste.


  • Unique video transitions and effects
  • Direct YouTube upload
  • Accurate audio and video syncing
  • Easy to use


  • Does not support direct uploads to other social media sites
  • Cannot download music directly using the app


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Video Star


Video Star 9.1.6 for iPhone


User reviews about Video Star

  • Ç M

    by Ç M

    Can you please download on my phone please please
    I love this app and I need it because one of my sisters die and I want to make More

  • Chelsea Shera

    by Chelsea Shera

    Bagus banget aku suka banget tapi aga lama mendonloadnya ya yaammpun aku ghagdghshwjakakskjshshdgdgddggdgdgdfgsfsvsevsvsvsvvdvdvdhhdjddMore

  • Sarita Kumari

    by Sarita Kumari

    please i want to download this app for tiktok. please please not working for my phon not download perperly

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